Online Dog Gone Smart Sherpa Round Ecru Piping Dog Bed

Dog Gone Smart Sherpa Round Ecru Piping Dog Bed

Dog Gone Smart Sherpa Round Ecru Piping Dog Bed You won't have to use the commands "Sit" or "Stay" as often once you choose the Dog Gone Smart Sherpa Round Ecru Piping Dog Bed for your lovable mutt. Rover will find his way over to this dog bed on his own, since it features a soft cotton canvas cloth on one side, which is cooler in the summer, and a cozy sherpa material on the other side, which provides warmth in the winter. Coordinate the color of this dog bed with your existing home furnishings - select from navy, blue, brown, khaki, olive, or red. Each color is accented with ecru piping around the border. The Sherpa Round Ecru Piping Dog Bed is upholstered with a technologically advanced fabric that is bacteriostatic, which means is it designed to minimize the spread of bacteria, plus it is resistant to dirt, liquids, and oil from your pet's coat. To care for your dog bed, unzip the cover and remove the inside pillow, then rezip. The cover is machine washable on the gentle cycle with similar colors, using a very small amount of regular laundry detergent. Never use fabric softener, dryer sheets, or bleach, as these will alter the fabric's finish. Tumble dry on the highest heat. Hand wash the inside pillow. The non-toxic and environmentally friendly Dog Gone Smart Technology™ will maintain its protective finish even after 50 wash cycles. About Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Company founder, animal behaviorist, and expert dog trainer Chris Onthank has worked with animals for more than 25 years, and has created a line of innovative pet products designed to keep pets healthy, happy, and safe. He knows that pet owners have concerns about controlling odor and maintaining clean surroundings. At Onthank's canine center in Wilton, Connecticut, he developed Dog Gone Smart Technology - a unique, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly finish - to treat the fabrics used in his company's dog beds, pads, pillows, and throws. Dog Gone Smart Pet Products are the only items in the pet industry tod

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